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Short film & Commercial

We dedicate our time and energy to Industrial & commercial Project, high-quality short films that will form the basis of your professional reel.

Valerio Magliano has extensive film, television, and international language experience and provides expertise for projects of any genre or size. We are creative team in the industry whose works include Feature Films, Animations, Commercials and Web Projects.

We've been collaborating with many big brands.


"If it's a day when I did not do anything related to photography, it's as if I've neglected something essential, it's as if I forgot to wake up" by Richard Avedon


Shades Of Gray - Short Personal remake

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A short documentary film about my brother and his passion for cycling.

HISTORY of city

One of the best italian tradition

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On 8 September, at the announcement of the armistice, an Allied naval force consisting of over 400 ships, 100,000 British soldiers and 70,000 Americans aimed for the Gulf of Salerno for the third of the four large landings planned in the Mediterranean. No documentary manages to dwell on the true analysis of the war in this territory, often considered the test bed of much more bloody battles both from the German side and from the Allies.
The Hill of Monte Castello of Cava de 'Tirreni becomes the fulcrum of many war events. Interesting testimonies, even exciting and curious episodes. This documentary collects diaries, stories, interviews: all direct "testimonies" of war. A truly unique collection with a pleasant vision.

The historical group "13 Brothers" was born with the idea of reproducing war scenes from 1943, perfectly reconstructed following criteria, testimonies and written sources, from weapons, to clothing, to costumes

Rend video
WW2 - Italy
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