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We are wedding videographers and cinematographers who are most passionate about destination wedding filmmaking and travel. Having had extensive filmmaking experience in the feature short film and commercials. I have now found my passion in destination wedding videography and story telling. My experience as a wedding videographer has given me an amazing opportunity to document the love stories of couples.We accept assignments anywhere in Italy but we are also happy to move for filming your wedding in a destination wedding worldwide.
alfonso pagliuca


Alfonso was the last new entry of the team.
He was the passionate Videographer , he was specialized on Web  advertising , and commercial.
Great Second videographer that Valerio like to have alongside him during destination weddings.
2nd videographer


I was born near Salerno, He always feel that responsibility to create memorable shots.
Valerio and Palmer are perfect duo!!! they share a wealth of knowledge ranging from the technical and creative aspects of cinematography to the everyday client relationship that is so important for cultivating a great story.
Valerio Magliano portrait


I was born in a small medieval town near Amalfi Coast, I have a passion for the editing and everything that concerns film production and post production, without any training, studies or anything else.

There are many ways to create videos without the need for a lot of complex and expensive equipment. I think making a good movie is much more important than relying on the story you want to tell, and the connection is made between the subjects and the audience.
Passion, curiosity and patience I believe are valuable and useful tools.
Booking manager


Lucrezia was born in little city called Avellino , she's often the right arm of Valerio during the wedding day.
She knows very well the equipment and its features, she is in love with photography since she is a kid, graduated in graphic design, attracted to everything that is capable of transmitting strong emotions.



Best Editor's 



Jury Member 


award wedding video

Best Video editor's Choice with wedding trailer Jamilah & Mohammed on 2015 Jury Member 2016

Wedding video Competition Jury Member on December 2016 Best Sound Producer 2018

Wedding video Competition 2018

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