With me, you’re guaranteed one highly experienced and completely dedicated cinematographer with over three hundred weddings under my belt. From the booking process and consultation, to the editing, sound track selection and package design, we’ll guide you each step of the way.

We create documentary-style wedding films because we’re passionate about your love story and want to record each genuine moment as it naturally unfolds. Additionally, we have the tools and artistic vision needed to transform each story into a truly cinematic experience. Our films capture everything from that twinkle in your partners eye as you walk down the aisle, to the heartfelt vows that made even your grumpiest relative cry, to each beautifully written toast. For us, it’s an honour to preserve your love story by creating a high-quality and timeless film that you’ll be able to re-watch for years to come.


Hi I'm Valerio! I'm a little quiet at times,  I'm focusing on you!


To begin or continue your project, please contact  valeriomagliano2@gmail.com to arrange a personal contact or appointment



Each package can be modified and adapted to your needs.
Possibility to add requests that aren't specified in pricing.

Some Frames from film