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Wedding Fairytale in Villa Cimbrone Ravello

The beauty of the place is the centre of attraction. The gardens of villa are one of Ravello’s most famous destinations to catch the attention of all the passer by walkers. Villa Cimbrone is considered to be the VIP place on the Mediterranean coast to experience the big marriages and cosy celebrations. That’s why, most people dream of their Villa Cimbrone Ravello Weddings, as the best place for future remembrance.


No words can describe the beauty of this enchanting and spectacular venue. The gardens of the villa are one of Ravello’s most famous attractions. After only 10 minutes walk from the center of town, you pass through the entrance gates of the villa, and its magnificent gardens open up like magic! The most dramatic view is from its bellavista terrace with its stately Roman Statues accenting the dazzling view.

The main building is a 12th-century palace probably built on the ruins of a Roman Villa. In the ‘900, it became the private home of an English Lord and then it was sold to the present owner that converted it into a small luxury hotel. The villa hosted kings and famous artists.

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